Payroll Year-End Support

Year-end represents increased workload volumes that many payroll teams cannot manage on their own. Our team can supply the short-term support necessary to increase your group’s capacity through this peak activity period.


This on-demand support, which is provided by a senior level payroll consultant, can include:

  • Overall guidance, input, and oversight tied to year-end management and other payroll needs.
  • Calendar preparation to capture all year-end payroll related events.
  • Full W-2 review and reconciliation, including:
    • Balancing W-2’s to quarterly 941’s.
    • Balancing W-2’s to the Master Control.
    • Reviews to ensure all applicable data appears in the appropriate boxes.
    • Recommendations for fixes (as needed) should any issues with your data arise.
    • Delivery of the final data reconciliation worksheet.
  • Management of year-end payroll tax obligations.
  • Notification of any new or expiring legislation which will impact payroll practices.
  • Bonus payroll processing.
  • Employee data updates tied to:
    • Promotions.
    • Pay rate changes.
    • 401(k) contribution changes.
    • Benefits deductions.

For more information about how our payroll team can support your organization during year-end, contact us at or (800) 307-5513.