Businesses Taking Cautious Approach to Reopening Offices


Norwalk, CT. [June 23, 2020] As states across the nation begin to enter various phases of reopening their economies, many business leaders are trying to navigate the best approach for returning their employees to an office environment, asking themselves if and when it makes sense to reopen.

A recent survey conducted by OperationsInc (, one of the nation’s largest human resources consulting firms, has found that 31 percent of businesses surveyed plan to open no sooner than July 1, with many saying they may keep employees remote until the fall.

“It is clear that business leaders are taking a very cautious approach towards reopening their offices,” commented OperationsInc CEO, David Lewis. “One MAJOR reason could be that the Remote Work thing is working for them, leaving a low sense of urgency to return their teams in mass to the office.”

While 23 percent of survey respondents indicated that their workplaces never officially closed, most of those surveyed only recently welcomed employees back or plan to take their time in doing so.

  • 9% have already reopened.
  • 13% will reopen in June.
  • 25% will reopen between July 1st and September 30th.
  • 6% plan to reopen after October 1st.
  • 2% indicated other plans

“We may see February 2020, when most businesses started to close their doors, as a turning point for the world of work; as a milestone moment whereby Remote Work will be seen as having become a staple in the working world,” Lewis added.

Survey data was collected online as part of OperationsInc’s ongoing free webinar series, “COVID-19: Your HR Questions Answered”. Over 400 businesses throughout the United States participated in the poll.

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