HR Consulting Firm Offers Solutions for Today’s Multi-Generational Workforce Issues


Offices Struggling with Millennial and Other Generational Conflict Can Secure Expert Advice and Education

Norwalk, CT. [Oct. 10, 2016] Human Resources Outsourcing and Consulting firm OperationsInc ( has announced the launch of a suite of services designed to help employers identify issues pertaining to generational clashes and discourse at their root cause, along with training and coaching designed to deliver a more harmonious workplace existence and positive culture. The Norwalk-based consultancy offers a mix of services, including assessments, classroom training, team-building, and one-on-one coaching to address talent management issues workplaces are facing as it relates to their own unique employee populations.

“The gap between the styles and characteristics of Millennials in the workplace versus those from previous generations is in many cases significant, bordering on a chasm,” stated David Lewis, president and CEO of OperationsInc. “Employers are truly struggling with how to constructively address these differences in a way that yields the most collaborative of work cultures. We have assembled the team and tools needed to assess, strategize, and execute a program that effectively facilitates positive change.”

There are more generations represented in today’s workforce than in any time in prior history. According to Pew Research, Millennials (those aged 18-35) represent the largest share of American workers, with over 53 million employed throughout the U.S.

About OperationsInc

Founded by David Lewis in 2001, OperationsInc specializes in HR solutions for businesses of all sizes and across all industries. OperationsInc’s portfolio of offerings includes such services as Human Resources Outsourcing, Affordable Care Act Consulting & Reporting Services, Talent Acquisition Assessments, Organizational Development Services, Recruiting Services, Outplacement Services, Benefits Administration, Exit Interview Services, Payroll Administration, and Management and Staff Training.

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