HR Consulting Firm Says Remote Worker Productivity Curve Rising


Survey Shows Home-based Workers Are Finding a Better Balance

Norwalk, CT. [April 16, 2020] OperationsInc ( conducted a recent survey which found that 73 percent of the more than 300 remote workers polled say they are more or as productive as they were when working from their regular office environment.

Twenty-six percent of those surveyed reported a decrease in productivity now that they are working remotely.

The Norwalk, CT-based HR consultancy, which is one of the largest in the nation, has had a partially remote workforce since 2001, and regularly advises organizations across the country on how to effectively manage and engage remote teams.

The group’s CEO, David Lewis, points out that the remote work arrangements quickly forced by COVID-19 created far from perfect circumstances for those working from home. However, these newly remote workers seem to be finding their footing.

“It’s clear that some four weeks into being forced to work from home, and in a way that has many of us doing so with family and others with us, we have found a rhythm and figured out how to work more efficiently in this new normal,” said OperationsInc CEO, David Lewis.

The success many are starting to find working from home may pave the way for more remote programs in the post-COVID-19 world.

“With the majority of us showing that we can be effective and productive when working from home, the path is now cleared for more remote work arrangements in the immediate future, even when it is not mandated due to health and safety concerns,” Lewis added.

Data was collected online as part of OperationsInc’s ongoing free webinar series, “COVID-19: Your HR Questions Answered”. Companies can register to participate in this educational series by visiting


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