Increasing Corporate Demand Prompts OperationsInc to Launch a Recruitment Management Service


Stamford , CT , [January 21, 2004]. OperationsInc, one of the area’s fastest growing HR and Operational consulting, services and managed solutions companies, officially announces the launch of its flexible Recruitment Management service – a proven alternative to managing time-intensive recruiting activities in-house or paying sizeable fees to search firms that relieve only a fraction of the burden.

“What we are offering clients is a third option for addressing the recruitment process. Traditionally the first option is to handle this process internally, which involves substantial time and effort from line managers and/or the HR manager should one exist internally. The second option is to engage outside staffing, search or specialty employment agencies; this only slightly reduces the amount of time spent on extensive communication and paperwork, and generally comes with a hefty ‘price tag’ averaging 20% + of the new hire’s annual salary. The third option offered by OperationsInc, Recruitment Management Service, provides ‘the best of both worlds’ in that the client’s tremendous administrative burden is almost entirely eliminated, while recruitment costs are generally 50% less than those incurred through an agency,” said David J. Lewis, President and Founder of OperationsInc, a provider of Human Resources and Operational consulting, services and solutions.

With this service, OperationsInc assumes responsibility for the entire management and administration of the recruitment process or specific aspects of this process, in a way that enhances both the productivity and “bottom line” of the companies it serves. By outsourcing this process to OperationsInc, not only does a company eliminate the time consuming tasks associated with managing and administering the recruiting process, they also secure the expertise of a team of seasoned professionals, who have perfected the art of writing ad copy and selecting the most effective venues for posting the ad(s), and whose interviewing skills surpass those of most internal managers. Additionally, this proficiency results in a higher speed and productivity at collecting and reviewing resumes, screening applicants, scheduling interviews, handling high volumes of inbound calls and emails from candidates and agencies, and communicating with applicants on the status of their candidacy. Thus, line managers and/or HR staff can focus their time and energy on strategic business opportunities and workforce issues. This is in contrast to strictly utilizing the agency option, which typically reduces only a portion of the client’s administrative and process management burden. For clients who wish to integrate the agency option and still outsource this process, OperationsInc can serve as the client’s interface with the agency to ensure speed and remove the process burden from the client.

Many organizations recognize that having a high-quality workforce is essential to their success. However, despite today’s high number of job seekers, it remains increasingly difficult to find and attract talented people – principally because staffing is neither the core competency nor the primary focus of most employers. This realization has generated an explosive need for external providers with expertise in this area to partner with companies to deliver and manage these services in a flexible, cost-effective and efficient manner.

“Several of our clients expressed a desire to outsource either select components of their recruitment activities or overall management of the process to OperationsInc,” said Lewis. “Because our client servicing team is staffed with seasoned recruitment administration professionals, we were able to swiftly and skillfully respond to this need, while also nurturing the natural evolution of our business.”

“Clients who have utilized our Recruitment Management service value the speed at which we perform, and the depth and breadth of experience that our highly qualified staff brings to their organizations,” Lewis continued. “The OperationsInc ‘team approach’ enables our clients to consistently benefit from our collective knowledge and skills.” These benefits include reduced fixed and variable costs for a total cost per hire savings, improved candidate-to-hire ratios, increased candidate and line manager satisfaction, a shortened recruitment cycle time (“time to hire”) achieved through diligent process management and increased productivity, and a faster “time to productivity” from the new hire(s).

The Recruitment Management service provided by OperationsInc is tailored to a client’s needs. It can include any or all of the following: job posting development and recruitment advertising copy creation; recruitment events management; identifying and pursuing appropriate candidate sources; screening, testing, and short-listing; interviewing; candidate tracking and reporting; applicant communications; interview coordination; pre-employment background screening; offer administration; and new hire administration.

“Outsourcing recruitment makes excellent business sense for many organizations. It enables them to focus their time, effort and resources on revenue-generating initiatives and competencies that give them a competitive edge in the marketplace, while simultaneously improving the quality of their workforce and providing a positive impact on their bottom line,” said Lewis.