OperationsInc Announces Interview Skills and Selection Training


New Program Focuses on How to Pick the Best New Hires for Your Firm

Norwalk, CT. [Oct. 26, 2016] Norwalk-based OperationsInc ( has announced a new training program designed to help employers significantly improve their hiring practices through a more effective means of candidate screening and selection. The human resources outsourcing and consulting firm will provide clients with a wide range of training program options all geared towards improving the skills of hiring managers, specifically surrounding reviewing, interviewing, and selecting candidates for hire.

“The overwhelming majority of hiring managers are lousy at the candidate vetting process,” stated David Lewis, president and CEO of OperationsInc. “Few have received formal training on what questions to ask, how to interpret responses, and even how to just read the candidate.”

“Poor hiring decisions result in thousands of wasted dollars,” added Lewis, who says this loss is tied to poorly selected new hires, the resulting excessive turnover, and the collateral damage this causes.

“We are truly excited to provide this much needed education and guidance; training that truly will pay for itself with its impact and improvement to our clients’ overall hiring practices.”

About OperationsInc

Founded by David Lewis in 2001, OperationsInc specializes in HR solutions for businesses of all sizes and across all industries. OperationsInc’s portfolio of offerings includes such services as Human Resources Outsourcing, Affordable Care Act Consulting & Reporting Services, Talent Acquisition Assessments, Organizational Development Services, Recruiting Services, Outplacement Services, Benefits Administration, Exit Interview Services, Payroll Administration, and Management and Staff Training.

OperationsInc is located at 535 Connecticut Avenue, Second Floor, Norwalk, CT 06854 and can be reached at (203) 322-0538 or