OperationsInc Launches HR Outsourcing



Stamford, CT, [May 11, 2004]. OperationsInc, one of the area’s fastest growing providers of HR and Operational consulting, services and managed solutions, officially announces the launch of HR Outsourcing, marking the latest addition to the company’s portfolio of managed solutions. With its HR Outsourcing solution, OperationsInc assumes full ownership of the management and administration of an organization’s Human Resources function or selected components of the function–providing clients with an exceptionally qualified “HR staff” of seasoned professionals without the expense of maintaining this function internally.

Many companies, particularly those with less than 100 employees, lack internal Human Resource expertise. HR is often handled by a line manager “wearing many hats,” or by a staff member who “inherited” the responsibilities as they evolved, yet lacks the HR skills and experience to effectively manage the function. Or a company may have established a HR function with skilled professionals, but the constant demand of day-to-day tasks leaves them unable to focus on strategic HR initiatives that contribute the company’s ongoing success.

“Although OperationsInc is officially launching this service today, we have been providing it unofficially since September 2002 at the request of our clients,” states David J. Lewis, President and Founder of OperationsInc. He continues, “While company executives are more concerned than ever about containing costs and leveraging their core competencies, they are equally concerned with limiting liability within their organizations. HR is one area fraught with risk, particularly when the HR infrastructure is weak, incomplete, and assembled without the benefit of professional expertise. To meet these needs, many companies, especially those with less than 100 employees are opting for a collaborative relationship with an expert HR service partner, allowing them to gain the HR expertise and resources to match their evolving HR needs. This approach enables companies to cost-effectively expand and contract their HR “department” based on business demand, while maintaining an ongoing ability to tap into a team of ‘best-in-class’ HR professionals with an in-depth understanding of their company’s unique culture and needs.”

Other areas that OperationsInc undertakes for clients include, but are not limited to Recruitment Management, Benefits and Compensation Planning and Administration, Regulatory Compliance, Employee Relations, Payroll Processing, HR Process Management and Recordkeeping.

“The Human Resources Outsourcing Solution provided by OperationsInc provides companies with the best that HR can offer, without the hefty costs of maintaining a full-time internal function.