OperationsInc Launches HRAssess™


Stamford, CT, [March 17, 2004]. OperationsInc, one of the area’s fastest growing providers of HR and Operational consulting, services and managed solutions, officially announces the launch of HRAssess™, its flagship compliance program. Through HRAssess™, OperationsInc performs a comprehensive analysis and assessment of a company’s HR infrastructure, policies and practices, identifies potential legal liabilities and weaknesses, and provides a documented roadmap and the desired level of assistance to correct them.  HRAssess™ requires minimal time and effort from the company undergoing the service.

“Keeping pace with the laws and compliance guidelines imposed on the employer is a never-ending challenge.  Paperwork must be completed and filed properly, procedures must be followed, and employee rights always safeguarded,” said David J. Lewis, President and Founder of OperationsInc.  He continues, ” In today’s litigious environment, compliance is rarely enough to protect companies from potential liability.  Carefully crafted and communicated organizational policies and processes also play a critical role in avoiding legal issues.  HRAssess™ is designed to minimize an organization’s legal exposure while increasing their overall HR effectiveness.”

HRAssess™ is available as a standalone service. Once the initial assessment has been completed, clients can choose to expand their relationship with OperationsInc to help correct their situation, or use their written roadmap to independently address the situation.

HRAssess™ is the flagship program in a portfolio of other compliance-related services offered by OperationsInc. The company also conducts independent, third party complaint investigation services in areas such as Sexual Harassment, Discrimination and other HR matters.