Remote Work Revolution Gains Steam


April Poll Shows 52% of Remote Workers Likely to Seek Flexible Work Options Post-COVID-19

Norwalk, CT. [April 20, 2020] OperationsInc ( recently released survey data that shows many employees will seek remote work options in a post-COVID-19 world.

The human resources consulting firm, one of the largest in the country, found that 52 percent of workers currently performing their jobs on a remote basis due to COVID-19 will seek to continue to do so after the virus clears.

“COVID-19 forced employers into a remote work trial period,” said OperationsInc CEO, David Lewis. “Very quickly these employers were able to test whether remote work arrangements could in fact work for specific employees and their organizations as a whole.”

Lewis noted that many employers are recognizing that ongoing remote work programs could be a viable option and a direction they head in the future. Employees also recognize the success they have had working from home during office closures.

“Many employees are finding that they can be productive from home and that remote work is something they would like to make a permanent part of their future,” Lewis further stated.

The findings from over 300 remote workers polled showed that:

  • 52% were likely to ask their employers to work remotely some or all the time post-COVID-19.
  • 36% were not likely to seek future remote work options.
  • 11% reported that they were unsure at this time.

“The COVID-19 pandemic will be remembered as the catalyst resulting in significant shifts to remote working,” Lewis added.

OperationsInc has guided organizations on how to successfully launch, manage, and engage remote teams since 2001.

The survey was launched as part of OperationsInc’s ongoing free webinar series, “COVID-19: Your HR Questions Answered”. Companies can register to participate in this educational series by visiting


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