Stamford Based Human Resources Consulting Firm Provides Acquisition Assessment / Integration Services


Stamford, CT. [July 16, 2008] It is with great enthusiasm that OperationsInc (, a leading human resources consulting firm based in Stamford, CT, announces their Acquisition Assessment/Integration Services, designed to provide an HR professional to a company’s Due Diligence Team that will research the HR infrastructure of their target acquisition, verify compliance, assess risk and validate the existence of best practices.

“Understanding the HR infrastructure of an acquisition target is as critical as any other aspect of the business you are assessing”, said David Lewis, CEO of OperationsInc. “We know what to look for, where to look and how to properly assess the risks, all adding up to a very valuable service offering.”

OperationsInc provides businesses that are about to acquire a company with the opportunity to manage their risk and liability before the acquisition is complete. Their Acquisition/Assessment team has over twenty years of HR expertise and has worked with entities ranging from 10 employees to those in the Fortune 500. Having worked with the Venture Capital community, OI is well versed on their standards for due diligence data understanding where to look, what to look for and how to get at the desired information.

OperationsInc is frequently noted for their unique approach to HR Outsourcing.  OperationsInc “uniqueness” is driven by the team’s ability to deliver services on an hourly basis, offering a “pay-for-use” approach that proves economical and well within reach for businesses of all sizes and with varying timelines.  Catering to the needs of the client, their team can work regularly scheduled hours with an on or off-site arrangement or on an “as needed” basis.

Founded by David Lewis in 2001, OperationsInc specializes in HR solutions for small businesses and HR professionals. OperationsInc’s portfolio of offerings includes such services as: Human Resources Outsourcing, Recruitment Management Services, Benefits Administration, Exit Interview Services, Payroll Administration and Management and Staff Training.

OperationsInc is located at 992 High Ridge Road, Third Floor, Stamford, CT 06905 can be reached at (203) 322-0538 or