Survey Results Indicate Majority of Laid Off Workers Left Without Outplacement Support


Norwalk, CT. [May 4, 2020] A recent poll conducted by OperationsInc (, one of the nation’s largest human resources consulting firms, has found that the majority of laid off workers will not be provided with outplacement support.

The survey, which polled over 250 businesses across the nation that have conducted or were considering conducting a layoff, asked the likelihood that these organizations would provide outplacement or career coaching to their displaced workers. The results show that the majority of organizations surveyed do not intend to provide any type of assistance to help these workers find new employment.

The full survey results included:

  • 9% of those surveyed said they are very likely to provide outplacement support to exiting employees.
  • 11% indicated that they are somewhat likely to provide this support.
  • 37% of respondents indicated they are not likely to provide outplacement services.
  • 37% are unsure at this time.
  • 6% of those polled preferred not to answer.

“It’s clear that most American workers who were laid off and not being recalled to work are going to be on their own when they commence their job search,” added OperationsInc CEO, David Lewis.

In an effort to provide the free education many job seekers need, OperationsInc’s Career Coaching division is presenting a free job seeker webinar on Thursday, May 7. Job seekers can register to participate in this online educational event by visiting


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