Survey Reveals Internal Communication is Lacking in Most Firms


Stamford, CT. [October 13, 2011] Leading human resources consulting firm, OperationsInc (OI) and management consulting firm, Performance-Solutions-Group, Inc. (PSG), announced the findings from their Management Practices Survey – part of a series of HR-centric surveys relating to today’s workforce. Over 80 organizations in the Fairfield County / NY Metro Area participated in this survey

The key findings from our survey:

  • 68% of firms surveyed stated that internal communication to employees takes place but is lacking in some areas while
  • 18% indicated it was comprehensive and complete.
  • From an employee viewpoint, 58% of participants stated that according to data gathered in exit interviews, communication
  • was good but could be better.
  • Over 90% use email as the primary vehicle for communicating with their employees.
  • Only 32% generate newsletters to employees.
  • 60% hold companywide meetings.
  • 45% of management teams meet weekly and another 28% meet monthly (total of 73% hold regular meetings).
  • Only 44% of managers meet regularly with their direct reports one-on-one.
  • 43% stated that their management team RARELY receives formal training.

“Exit Interviews historically show for most firms that companies consistently lack in their communication efforts,” said David Lewis, CEO of OperationsInc. “Our survey confirms this weakness, while also showing how much we have moved to communication methods of all types OTHER than in person.”

Wil Brewer, President of PSG: “The 44% number for failure by managers to meet regularly one-on-one with their direct reports is particularly concerning while not surprising.  Far more managers need to realize that effective performance management requires scheduled meeting time with direct reports for ongoing reporting, accountability, coaching and feedback. This is the manager’s job!”

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Performance-Solutions-Group, Inc. (PSG) ( a management consulting firm based in Stamford, CT founded by Wil Brewer in 2006, specializing in performance management, pay-for-performance compensation, strategic planning, executive coaching and diagnostic online surveys.

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