Survey Reveals Majority of Area Firms Plan to Hire in First Half of 2012


Stamford, CT. [January 12, 2012] Leading human resources consulting firm, OperationsInc (OI) and management consulting firm, Performance-Solutions-Group, Inc. (PSG), announced the findings from their Year-End HR Survey – part of a series of HR-centric surveys relating to today’s workforce. Over 55 organizations in the Fairfield County / NY Metro Area participated in this survey.

The key findings from our survey:

  • 54% expect to be hiring in the first half of 2012.
  • Less than 4% expect to be doing a layoff or reduction.
  • Close to 50% claim that the lack of available talent prevents them from filling open positions.
  • Some 25% lack the infrastructure (management, facilities, etc.) to manage more staff.
  • 38% indicate that uncertainly about the future affects their willingness to hire.
  • 15% expect to outsource some functions in 2012.
  • Close to 40% of firms surveyed outsource Payroll and HR (including Training) services, typically because it is more cost effective than paying to have the expertise in-house.
  • Some 20% of respondents outsource Accounting, Marketing and PR & Communications.
  • Outsourcing of Sales and Customer Service is minimal.

“It is certainly encouraging to see that the majority are planning to hire” said David Lewis, CEO of OperationsInc. “This represents a significant improvement of the same time last year when our survey showed closer to 30% planning to hire for 2011.”

Wil Brewer, President of PSG:

“The 50% of survey respondents who find difficulty filling positions due to lack of available talent underline the structural unemployment problem in this country. It keeps the unemployment rate high, prevents income from translating into consumer demand and continues to inhibit economic growth.”

Founded by David Lewis in 2001, OperationsInc ( specializes in HR solutions for small businesses and HR professionals. OperationsInc’s portfolio of offerings includes such services as: Human Resources Outsourcing, Recruitment Management Services, Benefits Administration, Payroll Administration and Management and Staff Training.

Performance-Solutions-Group, Inc. (PSG) ( a management consulting firm based in Stamford, CT founded by Wil Brewer in 2006, specializing in performance management, pay-for-performance compensation, strategic planning, executive coaching and diagnostic online surveys.

OperationsInc and Performance-Solutions-Group, Inc are both located at 992 High Ridge Road, Second Floor, Stamford, CT 06905. David Lewis can be reached at (203) 322-0538 or and Wil Brewer can be reached at 203-653-4692 or