Recruiting for Human Resources Positions

Finding talented Human Resources professionals continues to pose unique challenges for businesses, often resulting in longer fill times and excessive recruiting expenses.

Our Human Resources Recruiting Services are an hourly recruitment and talent acquisition solution for organizations looking to outsource their hiring function, or for those who have a void because they are replacing an HR resource who has unexpectedly left the organization.

Our team of Talent Acquisition Professionals are well versed in finding and attracting top level human resources related talent, and regularly fill roles spanning from the entry-level HR Assistant to the Chief Human Resources Officer position.


  • You are matched with a member of our talent acquisition team with extensive experience in both your industry and in filling HR-centric roles. This member of our team will serve as your dedicated hourly resource throughout the hiring process.
  • We work with you to determine the profile of the candidate(s) you are seeking, identifying the corporate, industry, and educational backgrounds of those who have been successful members of your human resources team in the past.
  • Once we identify what your ideal candidate looks like, we turn to our Tools & Technologies, which include the best HR-centric platforms and databases, to proactively find and attract the top talent in your geographical area and overall market, including directly targeting specific candidates or competitors.
  • As needed, we can craft a Job Description, which can be used as a tool throughout the Employee Lifecycle.
  • We screen and present the best candidates for your consideration.
  • To further qualify selected talent, we can administer our pre-hire and personality testing before you extend an offer. These tests can further determine a candidate’s personality traits, level of math and accounting functional skill, and help you gauge the candidate’s likelihood for success within your organization.

OperationsInc is also uniquely qualified to assess and determine the level of internal HR support required within your organization.

To learn more about OperationsInc’s Human Resources Recruiting Services, contact us at or 800-307-5513.