Sales Recruiting

The best salespeople are not found through job boards and postings, but are found through proactive sourcing and direct reach-out.

Our Talent Acquisition Team consistently sources and delivers top sales candidates across levels, industries, and geographical markets.


  • We match you with a member of our talent acquisition team, well versed in your industry and with a background in filling sales-centric roles. This member of our team will serve as a dedicated hourly resource to guide you through the hiring process.
  • We work with you to determine the profile of the ideal candidate(s) you are seeking, and identify the industry and educational backgrounds of those who have been successful members of your sales team in the past.
  • Once we have identified what your ideal candidate “looks like”, we utilize Tools & Technologies, which include the best databases and platforms, to proactively source and attract the top talent in your market, including directly targeting competitors and even specific prospective candidates.
  • We screen and present the best candidates for your consideration, weeding out those who are not a fit for your business.
  • Before you make an offer, we can test candidates on skills and personality traits needed to succeed so we can gauge how they will perform and fit within company culture.
  • After you have made the decision to hire, we can assist your team in creating compensation plans to create the right incentives to attract and retain your sales talent.
  • If you are a firm who hires multiple salespeople on an ongoing basis, we can build your Candidate Pipeline, providing your firm with top sales talent at the ready.

Learn more about OperationsInc’s Sales Recruiting Services by contacting us at or 800-307-5513.