Campus Recruiting Planning, Development & Execution

A well-built and structured campus recruiting program, either run virtually or partially on-site, can help your firm fill your candidate pipeline with top-level intern, entry-level, or advanced degree talent.

We offer a complete range of services to help your organization establish and execute a successful Campus Recruiting Program.



In this portion of the project, our team will:

  •  Work with you to be define both overall and individual departmental program goals and objectives.
    • Establish ideal candidate profile(s) by degree types, fields of study, specific skillsets, and potential roles to be filled.
    • Review the backgrounds of successful current and former employees hired at the time of graduation, focusing on degrees earned, where they studied, and their individual career path.
    • Strategically profile and select educational institutions (i.e. colleges, universities, trade schools, etc.) that are most likely to educate desired candidates pools.
    • Serve as client liaison in the development of recruiting materials, identification and recording of key contacts at each school, and calendar compilation of job fairs, school visits, and virtual fairs.
    • Provide a structured guide for attendance at school functions and virtual events, including exhibition booth components, recruiting materials and giveaways, representative staff, and strategies for candidate follow-up.
    • Outline sourcing strategies and best practices for reach out to career centers, Deans, Professors, and school websites and job boards.
    • Explore avenues for additional employer branding and student connections, including student paper advertisements, event sponsorships, departmental club sponsorships, and speaking opportunities.
    • Assess your digital strategy, including career pages and social media channels, and provide guidance on how to fill gaps.
    • Draft sample postings and other recruiting / marketing materials to be used by your team to promote opportunities for interns and new graduates.
    • Develop career path options for select intern roles, including the development of a timeline from intern engagement through offer of full-time employment.
    • Develop career path options and training programs for new graduates entering full-time hire roles.


Should your business not have the internal resources to execute your custom Campus Recruiting strategy, our team can:

  •  Attend virtual and on and off-campus events as your representative.
  •  Effectively screen and select candidates for further review.
  •  Assist in the management and administration of candidate vetting and selection.
  •  Serve as on-going liaison with education institutions.
  •  Manage all phases in the Campus Recruiting lifecycle.

OperationsInc can also assist your business in the development of Internship Program Development, Design, and Training. Click HERE to learn more about this service offering.

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