Candidate Pipeline Development

Most employers recruit when an opening is created. This method results in time pressures, lost productivity, and in many cases, also results in hiring the best available candidate vs. the ideal candidate for the job.

Our recruiting practice views talent acquisition as a proactive exercise. By building and maintaining a candidate pipeline for your business, we can deliver top level candidates at the ready, ultimately improving candidate quality and reducing time to hire.


  • We identify the profile of the candidates you most typically hire each year. This may include position type, industry background, and / or educational background.
  • Our consultants will develop a plan designed to commit a set number of hours per month (driven by your unique budgetary and recruiting demands) to proactively source candidates within each unique pool.
  • We present top sourced talent as they are identified for consideration and exploratory interviews, designed to determine where the candidate fits within your organization.
  • Our team will keep your pipeline of candidates engaged to ensure a positive candidate experience in line with your employer brand and to keep them “warm” until you are ready to hire.

Learn more about OperationsInc’s Candidate Pipeline Building services by contacting us at or at 800-307-5513.