How Our Hourly Model Works

Our Talent Acquisition Services are an hourly recruiting solution for all Businesses both small and global, Hiring Managers, and Talent Acquisition Professionals.

Our seasoned Talent Acquisition Team works with businesses of all sizes and across all industries to fill their open positions.


  • We work with you to determine the profile of the ideal candidate(s) that you are seeking, including strategies for sourcing you’ve employed in the past.
  • As needed, we craft a Job Description in line with your expectations, and that can be used as a tool throughout the Employee Lifecycle.
  • We identify the best ways to find and attract the candidates that fit the profile you are looking for, and utilize our Tools & Technologies, which include the best databases, platforms, and job boards, to connect with that particular talent pool.
  • We screen and present the top talent sourced for your consideration.

Our hourly recruiting model will help you centralize your hiring function, resulting in a shortened time to hire and less of a disruption to your current team.

To learn more about OperationsInc’s Talent Acquisition Services, contact us at 800-307-5513 or