Job Description Development

Job descriptions are critical documents outlining the responsibilities, requirements, and general duties of the roles within your organization. These documents serve as a tool from the requisition stage through the employee lifecycle.

Our team can create complete and compliant job descriptions for your organization. This process generally includes:

  • Collection of any existing job descriptions already in place.
  • Identification of positions which need a job description created and / or updated.
  • Creation of interview templates and / or employee questionnaires which will collect the following detail surrounding each unique position identified:
    • Day to day tasks and responsibilities.
    • Project work.
    • Special certifications required.
    • Managerial responsibilities.
    • Technical skills required.
  • Execution of employee / managerial interviews and / or deployment of questionnaires.
  • Compilation of all collected data, following up with as needed to fill any gaps or retrieve missing or incomplete information.
  • Creation of job description drafts based on information collected and compliance requirements (i.e. Americans with Disabilities Act).
  • Review of all drafts with key stakeholders on your team, making edits and adjustments to language as appropriate.

The final job description documents will be delivered for rollout in the file format of your choosing (i.e. PDF, Word, etc.).

Learn more about OperationsInc’s Job Description Development services by contacting us at or (800) 307-5513.