Delivering Effective & Constructive Feedback to Employees

Managers, supervisors, and team members need to give and receive positive, constructive, and corrective feedback many times a day. The ability to deliver feedback with clarity, consistency, and respect is a critical leadership skill, and being able to receive feedback without defensiveness is equally important.

This course is designed to teach participants to both receive and deliver positive and constructive feedback with objectivity and sensitivity to those receiving critiques.


Through a blend of lecture, group activities, and role playing, participants will develop the skills necessary to give feedback for improvement and positive feedback, as well as have opportunities for practice, assessment, and application during the session. Course content will include:

  • The key components of feedback, both formal and informal.
  • Methods to shift thinking to one where feedback is an opportunity for awareness and improvement.
  • Different communication styles and their impact on feedback.
  • Techniques for delivering powerful, positive feedback.
  • Strategies to design and practice assertive feedback.
  • Approaches to sharpen listening skills to support feedback and problem solving.
  • Challenges your teams are facing when delivering and receiving feedback.

This training course is also available in a one-one-one coaching format, with course content fully customizable to meet the demands of your workforce.

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