Building & Enhancing an Exceptional Customer Service Program

Organizations with strong customer service programs are able to foster loyal client relationships. In this dynamic course, participants will learn proven techniques for delivering strong customer service even during times of customer criticism.


The content of this course will include a mix of lecture, group activities, and workshop style exercises, covering:

  • Listening and problem-solving skills and techniques.
  • Approaches to help participants go above and beyond customer expectations.
  • Methods for defusing tense situations, turning complaining customers into company advocates.
  • Strategies to encourage repeat buying.
  • The importance of managing customer perceptions.
  • Techniques to create team-wide ownership and a sense of urgency towards customer satisfaction.
  • Tactics to create a positive impression through words, tone, and body language.
  • Approaches to convey empathy in difficult situations.
  • Strategies to maintain a sense of calm and focus in stressful service situations.

Course content is fully customizable based on the unique needs and challenges of your organization.

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