Time Management Skills Training

Employees who use their time and energy effectively will perform better and contribute more significantly to the success of your organization. This practical training course will provide the strategies and techniques participants need to increase efficiencies and productivity, while improving their overall performance.

Practical exercises and interactive group activities will help participants develop skills for recognizing high-value tasks and ensuring they are done well and on time.


Through a blend of lecture, group discussion, and workshop-style exercises, this course will cover:

  • Methods to prioritize workloads and identify high-value tasks.
  • Approaches to align time expenditures with individual and organizational goals.
  • Strategies to avoid time-wasters and overcome procrastination.
  • Techniques to manage through interruptions and unexpected changes to workloads and expectations.
  • Practical routines and patterns of work to improve long-term efficiency.

Methods to manage multiple priorities and stakeholders.

This course is available as a group session or can be offered as a one-on-one training event. Curriculum and course content can be customized to reflect your organization’s unique workplace challenges.

To learn more about this course, please contact us at training@OperationsInc.com or (800) 307-5513.