Workplace E-mail & Online Communication Etiquette

Digital communication is something we rely upon in our daily workplace lives. However, this type of written communication can go awry quickly when used inappropriately or if tone and messaging are lost due to the lack of voice or face-to-face contact.


This fast moving course will include a blend of lecture, group discussion, and interactive activities, and will cover:

  • Appropriate usage of email, chat functions, and collaboration platforms (i.e. Slack).
  • Email subject lines, use of CC and BCC, and email copy.
  • Examples of inappropriate messaging.
  • Common mistakes and the resulting ramifications.
  • Message tone, including “flaming” messaging.
  • The use of attachments and links.
  • Visual components of an email that will make copy easier for the recipient to consume and more likely to respond.

All course content is fully customizable and can be shaped to reflect real-life challenges in your workplace.

This session can be delivered on-site at the location of your choosing or virtually via Zoom technology. Please contact us at or (800) 307-5513 to learn more or to schedule your training event.