New York State Workplace Anti-Harassment Policy Compliance

The State of New York has announced new workplace anti-harassment legislation. One piece of the new regulations requires businesses of all sizes to implement mandatory sexual harassment prevention policies meeting certain requirements put forth by the state by October 9, 2019.

Since 2001, our team has served as nationally recognized subject matter experts in the area of workplace harassment. We have crafted, audited, and / or updated thousands of policies for clients throughout the United States. While the state has not yet released its model harassment policy, our team fully expects that any and all solutions we provide will exceed compliance standards outlined in the passed bill.

OperationsInc can help you audit and update your existing policy, as well as provide you with an entirely new policy that includes content that meets the following NYS compliance requirements:

  • Language prohibiting workplace harassment, including examples of conduct that would be considered unlawful.
  • Information surrounding federal and NYS statutory protections against workplace harassment and remedies available to harassment victims.
  • Standard complaint forms.
  • Procedure outlines for timely and confidential complaint investigations.
  • Information pertaining to employee rights and remedies.
  • Language outlining that harassment is a form of employee misconduct and that action will be taken against those who engage in harassing behaviors and any management personnel who knowingly allow behavior to continue.
  • Clear statement that retaliation against complainants or those who testify is unlawful.
  • Protections for Non-Employees (including contractors, vendors, etc.)

Our team can also provide your group with the required interactive, annual anti-harassment trainingwhich New York State is also anticipated to put into effect. New York-based employers will have to comply with this regulation by October 9, 2019 as well.

To learn more about how OperationsInc can help your New York business meet the new harassment policy compliance standards, please contact us at or call (800) 307-5513.