Performance Management Training

Managing performance and providing feedback is a critical skill for anyone in a management position, yet one that is not often taught to workplace leaders. This course is designed to provide participants with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively evaluate performance and plan for formal and informal feedback sessions to help ensure that employees are being utilized effectively and performing to their utmost potential.


This course will include a blend of lecture and group discussion while also employing work-shop style activities so that participants can practice their new skills in real-time. Course curriculum may include:

  • An overview of why providing ongoing and consistent feedback is critical to ensuring organizational performance.
  • Methods and systems to establish performance standards that are aligned with both the expectations of the role and the organization’s values and quality standards.
  • Approaches to communicate standards and expectations to employees.
  • Techniques to utilize when writing a performance appraisal to ensure it reflects an objective evaluation of the employee’s performance.
  • Methods for establishing performance appraisal competencies and metrics.
  • Performance review meeting preparation and strategies for delivery of different types of feedback.
  • Techniques to address performance deficiencies in a constructive way to avoid discouragement or defensiveness.
  • Approaches to reinforce strong performance or positive behaviors so that it is continually repeated.
  • Off-cycle and informal performance check-ins.
  • How to identify the source of performance issues and find solutions.
  • Methods to manage through employee responses to performance feedback.
  • Performance improvement plans.  
  • Legal considerations.

This course can be delivered in a group environment or in a one-on-one coaching session. Course content is fully customizable based on your organization’s unique challenges and goals.

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