Planning and Facilitating Effective Business Meetings

Meetings, whether held in-person or in a virtual format, are critical to keeping teams connected and informed. This training workshop will equip participants with the knowledge to plan, prepare for, participate in, and facilitate productive and effective group meetings.


This course will employ a blend of lecture, group discussion, and interactive workshop exercises, and will cover:

  • Characteristics of an impactful meeting.
  • Time management approaches to ensure meetings are kept on track and remain productive.
  • Approaches to determine pre- and post-meeting deliverables.
  • Identification of the roles and responsibilities of meeting owners and attendees.
  • Meeting tools, including templates for agendas, action item reports, meeting minutes, etc.
  • Methods to keep attendees engaged, including those attending via remote mediums.
  • Non-confrontational approaches to manage through meeting distractions, including secondary conversations, interruptions, and objections.
  • Techniques to develop follow-through plans to ensure the goals of the meeting are met.

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