Workplace Problem Solving Training

Problem solving skills are critical to the success and growth of your employees and overall organization. The content of this training course has been designed to provide your teams with the strategies and tactics needed to assess and analyze issues and challenges they encounter on a daily basis, while determining the best approach forward for resolution.


Through a blend of lecture, group discussion, and interactive workshop activities, this session will cover:

  • Systematic problem-solving tools and tactics to conquer both simple and complex workplace challenges.
  • Issue identification and analysis strategies.
  • Methods for gathering information needed to determine resolution paths and options.
  • Solution selection and implementation planning.
  • Lookback approaches and progress review tactics.

The session will be delivered in a workshop style, enabling participants to both practice the skills they are learning in real-time and immediately apply these new approaches to their immediate workplace environment.

Course content is fully customizable and can be delivered to both groups and as a private training for individual employees.

To learn more about what this course covers or to schedule your training session, please contact us at or (800) 307-5513.