Professional Negotiation and Influencing Skills Training

Whether working with co-workers or internal and external customers, strong negotiation skills are critical to both individual employee and organizational success. This course will provide participants with the strategies and tools needed to negotiate resolutions that benefit everyone involved.


This course will include a combination of lecture, group discussion, and workshop exercises, and will cover:

  • Negotiation strategies and approaches and when to employ each different method.
  • Preparation tactics to influence desired outcomes.
  • Situational responses.
  • Active listening skills, with a focus on identifying both areas of need and objections that must be overcome to reach preferred results.
  • Approaches to analyze the point of view of the individual on the other side of the negotiation.
  • Methods to redirect negative responses or outcomes.

This course can be customized to reflect real-life scenarios encountered by your teams during periods of negotiation. The session can be delivered to a group of individual employees or via a one-on-one format.

To learn more about this training event or to schedule your session, please contact us at or (800) 307-5513.