Sexual Harassment Prevention and Awareness “Refresher” Training

OperationsInc offers special “refresher” Anti-Harassment Training Sessions for organizations that have had OperationsInc train their teams on the issues surrounding harassment in the last 18 months.

Workplace harassment has never been more at the forefront of the news cycle, and when high profile cases hit the news, overall complaints throughout the nation rise.

Both workplace harassment and legal experts advise retraining management and staff on this critical topic every 1-3 years to ensure content remains top of mind, and so that changes made to behaviors and workplace cultures as a result of your original training program remain in place. It has also been clearly demonstrated in the courts that organizations that provide annual training of this nature to all management and staff significantly reduce their liability.

PLEASE NOTE – The content of this course is produced and delivered specifically for organizations that have previously completed our 2.5 hour Sexual Harassment Prevention & Awareness Training program.


  • “Sticky” workshop training methodologies, including:
    • Attendee role playing
    • Interactive exercises
  • A short, condensed reminder about the law as it relates to sexual harassment.
  • Updated case studies to reflect the newest court cases playing out in the media involving today’s real-world workplaces.
  • Refresher on how to recognize harassment in its many different forms.
  • Bystander intervention training.
  • Updated guidance on what to do when harassment occurs, including any changes to your organization’s policies and procedures.
  • Outline of the company’s responsibility.
  • Individual liability issues regarding workplace harassment incidents.

Throughout each training session we stress interaction, openly engage the audience, solicit questions, and provide an environment where attendees can practice the skills they are learning so they can apply their updated skills to their immediate work environment.

Further, our trainers (who are each subject matter experts in the area of Sexual Harassment Prevention and Awareness Training) make themselves available AFTER each session for more private discussion.

Already have an issue of harassment in your workplace? Learn more about our Harassment Investigation Services and our Workplace Harassment and Discrimination Employee Hotline Services.


This special training session is only available to businesses that have provided OperationsInc’s Sexual Harassment Prevention & Awareness Training to their team in the past 18 months.

Please contact us at or (800)307-5513 to schedule your event.

Our Training Team will travel to all 50 states, as well as internationally, to provide our world-class training services.