Team Building – Interactive Workshops

In today’s world of COVID-19, remote work, and blended teams, team building is more important than ever. The focus of this customized workshop is to provide participants with an awareness and understanding of their workplace styles and the styles of others with the goal of building improved interpersonal relationships and a more cohesive team environment.

Prior to training, participants will complete an online DiSC® Profile (10 minutes), which will then be analyzed by our training team. After receiving their individual profile results at the beginning of the session, the team will be guided through customized self-realization exercises and group activities designed to increase effectiveness with an appreciation of colleagues, clients, and staff.


Through this customized and in-depth workshop, participants will learn to:

  • Supply a common framework in which team members can better understand and manage communication, conflict, problem solving, and team culture.
  • Become “people smart” by learning about behavioral diversity and emotional intelligence in themselves and others.
  • Learn to adapt their own behavior, and move from judging to valuing and respecting others.
  • Understand how to capitalize on behavioral strengths and how to recognize when those strengths can become weaknesses.
  • Increase productivity by aligning an individual’s preferences to particular team tasks.
  • Recognize and appreciate the different styles of co-workers (or other business associates).

This course is highly adaptable and can be customized to suit your unique team situation and your desired outcomes.

To learn more about this course or to schedule your training event, contact us at or (800) 307-5513.