Training Formats

We understand that not every learning environment is suitable or appropriate for every situation. To provide your employees with the training format that works best for their individual circumstance, our team has developed several different training style options for our clients to choose from.

Each style of program is presented by a live trainer, designed to influence participant behavior, attitudes, and overall workplace culture, and maintains the level of attendee engagement that sets our programming apart.

Private Group Workshops

Customizable group sessions that include a blend of lecture, group discussion, and workshop style activities designed to meet your training goals while addressing your organization’s unique workplace issues.

One-on-One Training

Individualized, custom educational programs that can be designed to include take home exercises and follow-up sessions.

Lunch and Learns

Condensed learning events that can be delivered as an ongoing series or stand-alone session.

University Style Programming

Multi-part training series with a buildable curriculum designed to achieve workplace goals.

In-Person Events

Our training team can travel to any location of your choosing to deliver our training.

Web-Based Learning

Online webinars that use technology that enables attendees to participate in group discussions, closely mimicking an in-person classroom environment.

Public Training Events

Some of our training events are offered online on an open-to-the-public basis. These events can be used to supplement private events, providing a learning option for those employees who were not able to participate with the rest of the group. View our events calendar for more information.

To learn more about our training delivery options, please contact us at