Workplace Violence Prevention Training

It is an extremely unfortunate reality that all workplaces need to plan to avoid and react to incidents of violence. This practical training course provides participants with the awareness, strategies, tools, and approaches needed to prevent violence and prepare should a violent event occur.


Through a blend of lecture, group discussion, and interactive exercises, this course will cover:

  • The different categories of behaviors that are defined as violent, including trends related to violence within work environments.
  • How to create an effective workplace violence prevention plan.
  • Risk factors and indicators for potential violence.
  • Methods to identify and predict when violent situations may occur, including terminations or other emotionally charged scenarios.
  • Strategies to safely diffuse situations with angry customers and / or co-workers.
  • How to create and execute an active shooter situation plan.
  • Approaches to prepare and implement a workplace violence prevention policy and associated response procedures.
  • Post-incident reporting templates and systems.
  • Best practices for annual procedural reviews and updates.

This class may be delivered as either a one-to-one training session or private group event at the location of the client’s choosing. Content and duration will be customized depending on client needs.

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