Client Background

Financial Services
Greenwich, CT
Engaged OperationsInc:

Payroll Continuity Support

OperationsInc Creates a Client Payroll Contingency Plan, Steps In 7 Months Later to Provide Seamless Emergency Payroll Support

  • Financial services firm with 150 employees had an in-house payroll team consisting of just one individual, without any backups in place.
  • The client recognized the need for a contingency plan should some un-forecasted event cause their Payroll Manager to become unable to process the group’s complex bi-weekly payroll.
  • The client chose OperationsInc as a partner to turn to should the unexpected arise because of our depth of payroll knowledge, fluency using their payroll technology platform, and the team’s multiple layers of redundancy and backup
  • OperationsInc conducted a full and comprehensive client onboarding with the goal of documenting information needed to provide fast, accurate, and complete payroll support.
  • The client provided our team with access to their payroll platform, including access point information, document encryption password formulation, and current Masterfile access with year-to-date totals.
  • We reviewed the client’s payroll technology setup, including current configurations, ancillary product integrations, processes, etc.
  • Our team worked closely with the client’s Payroll Manager to collect and document any and all critical data needed to seamlessly execute the firm’s payroll should the need arise.
  • Once the payroll onboarding was complete, we checked in on a quarterly basis to confirm all data on record was still accurate and complete. Other than these maintenance check-ins, no other support was performed for a period of seven months.
  • Seven months following the completion of the client’s payroll on-boarding, the client’s Payroll Manager was unexpectedly unable to report to work for an undetermined period of time.
  • Our team was able to immediately step in, access the client’s payroll platform, and process the client’s payroll correctly and on-time.
  • OperationsInc continued to administer the client’s payroll for a five-week period.
  • Once the Payroll Manager was able to return to work, our team stayed on board for two days to get them up to speed and help ease their transition back.
  • OperationsInc continues to serve as the client’s payroll contingency partner and backup resource.

To learn more about OperationsInc’s Payroll Continuity Services, contact us at or 800-307-5513.