PEO Exit Services

Once an organization reaches a certain headcount, reliance upon a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) no longer makes economic sense. However, many businesses may be reluctant to make the transition to an unbundled solution due to the significant challenges and time spend that it can take to exit a PEO partnership and implement a new solution.

As a result, many employers delay this critical decision despite the clear justification, financial and otherwise, to make the move.

Our expert team can perform the heavy lifting, managing each critical step in the transition process to minimize disruptions.


The steps in the transition process may include:

  • Assessment of the current solution, and development of a customized transition project plan.
  • Sourcing new payroll technology vendors and administering the implementation of new systems.
  • Identification of benefit brokers and selection and design of a new benefit package.
  • Creation of systems and processes tied to federal and state employer filings and registrations.
  • Development and rollout of employee communications and new paperwork to be issued to all employees at the time of transition.
  • Employee Handbook review and updates.
  • Initiation of all transitional activities.
  • Review of all location-based compliance requirements.
  • Inventory of all PEO proprietary documents that need to be replicated at the time of transition.
  • Collection of all newly issued employee documentation.
  • Data migration from the PEO to each new vendor.
  • Development and implementation of new checklists for all HR related processes.

At the conclusion of this transition, your organization will be ready to seamlessly move to your new setup. Should you need it, our team is also here to provide any needed ongoing support.

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