Recruiting Process Management

Even the most robust recruiting function sometimes needs supplemental support to help sort through resumes, screen candidates, and manage applicant tracking systems.

No matter what type of proactive or reactive support you require, our expert team can help. We will execute and manage your existing recruiting processes, procedures, and technologies to help you find the right candidates for your organization.

Our services are scalable based on your precise needs at any given time. We cover each stage of the recruiting lifecycle, efficiently driving candidates through your recruiting process, including:

  • Requisition management.
  • Job description development and postings, ensuring consistency in employer branding and messaging.
  • Review of existing candidate pools generated through your career pages, postings, and candidate tracking systems.
  • Day to day management of your ATS, HRIS, or other tracking software.
  • Proactive talent sourcing to boost posting exposure and candidate volumes.
  • Management of your digital recruiting platforms, including social media.
  • High volume resume review and screening.
  • Candidate screening for hard skills, soft skills, cultural fit, and in line with diversity hiring initiatives.
  • Interview scheduling and coordination.
  • Candidate profile creation and reporting, in accordance with your preferred documentation and presentation methods.
  • Consistent and ongoing communication with candidates to ensure they remain warm and engaged throughout the recruiting process.
  • Background check administration, reference checks, pre-hire skills testing, and personality testing.

To learn more about our Recruiting Process Management Services, please contact us at or (800) 307-5513.