Senior Level Payroll Escalation Support

The biggest responsibility of any employer is to ensure its employees are paid correctly and on time. However, payroll can be complex, time consuming, and fast moving, and presents an immovable deadline.

We can help. No matter how sophisticated or robust your payroll function, we can supply an extra set of expert hands to provide advice, guidance, and support on an on-demand, as needed basis. This dedicated consultant can identify and fill critical payroll gaps and will serve as an escalation point only when you need it.

Our expert team is well versed in using all major and lesser known payroll technology platforms, so we are able to immediately step in and supply the support you need using your current system.


  • General payroll issues and concerns.
  • Assistance during peak payroll activity periods.
  • As-needed oversight for current payroll teams.
  • Payroll process reviews and efficiency improvements.
  • Implementation projects and support.
  • Set up of additional State and Local taxing agencies.
  • Analysis of company / employee tax setup to ensure all appropriate taxes are being withheld and remitted.
  • Creation and customization of payroll reports.
  • Tax notice research.
  • Audit preparations.
  • Year-end management and support.
  • Coverage during sick days, vacations, leaves, or during times of team transitions.

All support provided will be designed to meet your precise specifications and needs. We also have several layers of internal escalation and redundancy in place to ensure that we can help you overcome any payroll obstacle.

For more information regarding OperationsInc’s Senior Level Payroll Escalation Support, please contact us at (800) 307-5513 or