Candidate Recruitment

Many companies rely upon headhunters or staffing firms to find the talent they need. This results in placement fees of 20-30% of that position’s salary, which can become costly and is out of reach for many organizations.

Our recruiting practice provides headhunter quality results, but without the price tag. Our unique, hourly billing model charges for resources consumed, which means that regardless of the offer you make to a new hire or the number of candidates you bring on board, your fees will not be impacted.

We want you to find the right hires. Because of our billing model, our recruiters are not incentivized to sell you one candidate over another.

For organizations with an internal recruiting function in place, we can help you broaden your bandwidth and capacity, or help you source candidates for specialized roles your internal team may not have experience finding. We partner with our clients, becoming a true extension of your talent acquisition team.


Our recruiters provide both strategic and administrative support and guidance to help you find the candidates you need. We work with the hiring manager and any other key stakeholders to obtain information surrounding:

  • Position titling, role description, reporting relationships, and company culture.
  • Desired candidate background, including required years of experience, education, and desired skillsets.
  • Role compensation, including base salary detail and bonus eligibility.
  • Unique selling points of the position, including opportunities for advancement, quality of staff, travel, and prestigious clients.

The support we then provide may include:

  • Guidance to align expectations with the requirements of the position and overall market.
  • Job description development and job posting copy.
  • Development and execution of search strategies designed to engage targeted passive and active candidates, which may include:
    • Review of past recruiting methodologies and results.
    • Direct sourcing from subscription databases (i.e. LinkedIn Recruiter), competitors, industry groups, educational institutions, etc.
    • Digital strategies and methodologies, including job boards and social media.
  • Candidate screening for hard skills, soft skills, and cultural fit.
  • Consistent and ongoing communication with candidates to ensure they remain warm and engaged throughout the recruiting process.
  • Candidate tracking and reporting.
  • Presentation of candidate profiles to the client for consideration.
  • Interview scheduling and coordination.
  • Guidance (as needed) tied to candidate selection.
  • Pre-hire testing and background check administration.

Support provided is scalable and determined by your organization’s precise needs and requirements.

To learn more about how we can help you find the candidates you need, please contact us at