Talent Acquisition Assessments

To attract and retain the talent your organization needs to be successful in today’s market, it is critical that your recruiting methodologies are strategic, efficient, and effective while still meeting the budgetary demands of your business.

By reviewing your current talent acquisition practices, processes, and procedures, we can identify opportunities for improvement on approach, execution, and results. We have three tiers of this assessment available of varying depth and scope.

No matter the assessment tier you choose, our expert team will interview a selection of your HR stakeholders, hiring managers, and recently hired employees, as well as review key documents, policies, and procedures as a means to assess the following pieces of your talent function:

  • Hiring outlooks, including historical lookback at new hire counts, terminations, and turnover rates.
  • Successes and challenges tied to securing talent.
  • Compensation and benefits analysis, including benefits offered, salary benchmarking, bonus structures, and merit increase practices.
  • Company culture, values, and mission statements.
  • Employee engagement data.
  • Competitive market analysis.
  • Requisition processes, including hiring approval processes, roles, and stakeholders.
  • Job posting content.
  • Internal sourcing practices, including employee referral programs and internal job posting processes.
  • External sourcing strategies and practices, including utilization of outside vendors, agencies, and staffing firms.
  • Job board usage and posting strategy.
  • Cost per hire and time to hire analysis.
  • Digital recruiting strategies and results, including company career pages, online reviews, and social media presence.
  • Candidate pipeline building and other proactive talent acquisition strategies.
  • Candidate application processes and volumes.
  • Assessment, screening and interview processes.
  • Employment offers and notice of non-selection, including offer letters and candidate communications.
  • Post-offer acceptance, onboarding practices, and new hire experience.
  • Exit interview practices, recordkeeping, and data usage.

Our team will compile findings from the assessment into a comprehensive written report, identifying gaps, fixes, and areas for future focus.

To learn more about OperationsInc’s Talent Acquisition Assessment Services, please contact us at recruiting@OperationsInc.com or call 800-307-5513.