Client Background

Financial Services
New York, NY
Engaged OperationsInc:

Virtual New Hire On-Boarding

OperationsInc Develops Virtual On-Boarding Program to Help Client Onboard and Engage New Hires During COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Financial services firm with 300 clients needed a plan to virtually onboard employees hired during forced quarantines tied to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The client was seeking an efficient and thorough way to properly welcome and onboard new hires during a time when new employees, managers, and teams were working remotely.
  • The client chose OperationsInc due to our team’s extensive expertise in the area of remote work and new hire onboarding.
  • OperationsInc immediately began work to develop the necessary processes,
    procedures, and corresponding tools needed by the client to launch a virtual
    onboarding program.
  • We extensively reviewed the client’s in-person onboarding processes to ensure the
    virtual version would maintain all necessary and key components.
  • An analysis was conducted to ensure that there were not any roles that would present unique challenges if onboarded remotely.
  • Our team worked closely with client stakeholders to develop onboarding materials and checklists that would:
    • Provide new employees with the resources and information needed to complete their work.
    • Replace (to the extent possible) any step in the onboarding process that included in-person intervention (i.e. delivery of equipment, collection of signed paperwork, etc.), providing alternate, virtual solutions.
    • Effectively reflect the values and culture of the organization and provide critical company policies and information.
    • Engage employees with other team members.
    • Provide new hires with a sense of belonging though they had not yet been in physical contact with their new teams.
  • Delivery and roll out of a fully virtual and remote onboarding program, including program timelines and client owners for each task, as well as training for key members of the client’s team.
  • The client was able to immediately improve the employee onboarding experience of all new remote hires, quickly improving engagement in this critical population.
  • New employees were provided the education and support they needed to start work at a productive level.
  • Former challenges tied to a lack of face-to-face communications were overcome.

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