Experts Warn “Your Company Might Have Let Harvey Weinstein Get Away With It Too”

Guy shouting into megaphoneThe numerous sexual harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein is just the latest in a news cycle filled with reports of workplaces where rampant harassment is present, and where most witnesses are reluctant to come forward. Fast Company points to what experts refer to as the “Bystander Effect”, which can be dangerous and foster a culture where harassment is tolerated.

On the “Bystander Effect”:

Even if you do feel moved to do something, there is still a cost-benefit calculation you are likely to make. If the harassers are people in charge, then stepping forward can cost you your job. As noble as people want to be, taking a real risk to correct a wrong is hard. And so many people stay silent and go along to get along.

On the importance of having a plan:

This year has shown us that sexual harassment is a widespread societal problem that impacts all industries. But it’s important for each of us to view it on an individual level. One strength of the #metoo campaign is that it puts a human face on an often anonymous issue. But the next step is for each person to take individual responsibility to help fight the problem.

Fast Company outlines the steps that must be taken to break the cycle, which include training and implementation of a step by step plan an employee can follow to report workplace harassment. To read the article, please click here.