Client Background

Healthcare Services
Richmond, VA
Engaged OperationsInc:

Recruitment Management Service

Client with a need to rapidly expand their staff, yet with a limited inhouse team to facilitate this need.


Our client, a healthcare service provider with over 150 employees, having just secured a highly significant volume of new business, realized they had an immediate need for additional staff. They needed to hire 40 + professionals (nurses and customer care associates) within 60 days. Handling other issues and needs driven by their growth, their Human Resources team of three was unable to handle this recruiting initiative on their own. They chose OperationsInc, based on our ability to deliver a simplified and streamlined process, deliver ongoing Recruitment Management Services, and to leverage our strategic knowledge and expertise.


A profile of the positions to be filled was created. Management was interviewed, as were those who presently held the roles in the organizations that were to be enhanced. A comprehensive review of historical recruiting methods was conducted, with a focus on venues utilized for advertising, other sources tapped for the same purposes, and the results achieved to date. From the data collected, a rapid yet comprehensive and strategic recruiting effort was developed, defined, and executed. Ads were drafted and selectively posted. Email addresses were established, as was a simple methodology for our handling of all administration as the third party. A select few employment agencies were engaged to provide candidates for the most scarce of talent. A seamless process was initiated – all from 500 miles away. This process involved resume screening, scheduling, initial phone screening, pre-interview administration, reference checking, and offer extension.


Our client hired over 50 employees within a 75-day period. They did so by utilizing candidates mostly from non-fee based sources. The resulting cost per hire was below $1,000, with a continued cost reduction for each new hire.