Client Background

Boston, MA
Engaged OperationsInc:

Sexual Harassment Investigation Services

Client with a need for an independent third-party Sexual Harassment Investigation.


Our client received a complaint by an employee pertaining to the inappropriate actions of a supervisor of a sexual nature. The need to investigate the claim was clear, as was the need to secure an objective and experienced third party to conduct an unbiased investigation.


We initially met with management and HR to start the investigation by gathering the basic information related to the nature of the claim, the parties involved, and potential witnesses. We then proceeded to interview the accuser, the accused, their managers, the HR manager, and various witnesses to the actions of the accused.


A comprehensive report derived from notes taken from the interviews was developed, as well as a recommendation on how the company should proceed. Liability in this situation was exponentially reduced as the company’s actions met the legal mandate to address such issues. Further, a very divisive issue was defused, leaving a level of relief and closure within the organization.