Payroll Technology System Optimization Audits

Payroll technology systems are equipped with seemingly endless capabilities, but many businesses utilize only a fraction of these available functionalities. Regardless of which payroll technology platform you use, our expert team can identify areas for enhancement and integration, streamline processes, and assess how effectively and completely your organization is utilizing your payroll system.


Areas to be reviewed and assessed may include:

  • Overall platform and technology capabilities vs. current usage levels.
  • Custom field utilization.
  • Data entry and employee information maintenance methodologies, including use of the system’s new hire onboarding functions.
  • Automated and manual payroll entry processes and procedures, including payroll information collection processes and payroll processing times.
  • System override and manual intervention practices.
  • Payroll review and reconciliation procedures.
  • Post-payroll procedures and reporting practices, including a review of manual reports vs. automated system generated reporting.
  • Integration setups across HR and Payroll technologies and platforms, including PTO, Time and Attendance, HRIS, etc.
  • Document storage methodologies and practices.
  • Utilization of self-service functionalities and approval processes.

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