Payroll Procedural Audit Services

An audit of your payroll processes, controls, and procedures can assess the level of effectiveness, efficiency, and completeness within your organization’s payroll function.

Our expert team has conducted hundreds of these types of audits for our clients, who have used over 20 different payroll technology platforms. These comprehensive assessments are conducted with the goal of identifying areas for enhancement and improvement while noting risk points and streamlining overall payroll processes.


Areas to be reviewed and assessed may include:

  • New hire payroll onboarding processes.
  • Full payroll lifecycle procedures, including adds, terminations, changes, checks and balances, etc.
  • Company and employee level coding procedures.
  • Workflow and approval processes.
  • Utilization of automated and manual systems.
  • Payroll data / information storage practices.
  • Employee time tracking systems and integrations.
  • Current payroll forms and collection processes.
  • Custom field utilization.
  • Employee access points to payroll related data.
  • Automated and manual payroll entry processes and procedures, including information collection practices and payroll processing times.
  • System override and manual intervention practices.
  • Payroll review and reconciliation procedures, including a review of post-payroll manual reports vs. automated system generated reporting.
  • Integration setups across HR and Payroll technologies and platforms, including PTO, Time and Attendance, HRIS, etc.
  • Utilization of self-service functionalities and approval processes.

To learn more about OperationsInc’s Payroll Procedural Audit Services, please contact us at or (800) 307-5513.