Reductions In Force – Strategic Guidance, Management & Execution

Reductions in force (RIFs) are extremely difficult events which require careful planning and execution. Employers downsizing any portion of their workforce must consider liability, risk, and the emotional and workload impact to their remaining workforce when conducting a RIF.

OperationsInc is immediately available to provide guidance and support to businesses considering employee layoffs or furloughs. Our team is able to help you create a downsizing plan, prepare communications, provide employee support and resources, and execute all separation meetings on an in-person or remote basis, as demanded by many forced location closure as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Our expert team will manage the RIF from start to finish, and guide you through each step in the process, including:

  • Development of a downsizing plan, including RIF timing and selection of the roles and / or locations to be impacted.
  • Determination of selection criteria, including performance, seniority, job knowledge, division, etc.
  • Review of roles to be eliminated and analysis of those affected to ensure there is no adverse impact on protected classes.
  • Creation and rollout of voluntary separation plans / early retirement plans.
  • Review of collective bargaining agreements and union implications.
  • Preparation of WARN Act notices.
  • Production, distribution, and collection of all necessary paperwork for those impacted by the RIF, including:
    • Exit terms and packages.
    • Benefits / COBRA information.
    • Contact information and identification of which resources to call for various needs.
    • Outplacement services / resources.
  • Oversight and management of termination meetings, including those occurring simultaneously across multiple locations.
  • Development of talking points and scripts for employee notification meetings and communication pieces to be sent to retained employees.
  • Documentation of meeting outcomes, including collection of questions asked by affected employees.
  • Security planning.
  • Separation agreement tracking and associated follow-ups.
  • Launch of a post-RIF call center for employee questions and issues and additional outplacement services.

For more information about how we can support you and your workforce during this sensitive and critical time in your organizational history, please contact us at or 800-307-5513.