Candidate Selection Training

Better Hires and Candidate Selection via Behavioral Interviewing Techniques

Employers spend a great amount of time, resources, and money to ensure that the screening, interviewing, and selection processes result in high-quality candidates who will deliver results for the organization. Despite these efforts, poor hiring decisions can still be made, leading to costly turnover and countless other points of business impact.

This course is designed to help hiring managers execute a more effective interview and secure more relevant information from candidates, all while driving better hiring decisions.


Research shows that past behavior and performance is a predictor of what a candidate will do in the future. In this highly interactive course, participants will be introduced to Behavior-based Interviewing.

This  interviewing style will help employers collect information about the knowledge, motivations, and behaviors of the candidate to determine if they are the right fit based on the candidate’s previous experiences and results.

Through a blend of lecture, group discussion, role playing exercises, and interactive hands-on activities, participants will learn to:

  • Create an interview plan.
  • Focus on job-related behavior in their line of candidate questioning.
  • Effectively use a candidate’s past behavior to predict future behavior.
  • Better assess both job fit and fit within the overall organization.
  • Organize selection elements into a comprehensive system.
  • Utilize effective interviewing skills and techniques.
  • Avoid the most common interviewing mistakes.
  • Understand legal considerations when preparing interview questions and conducting the interview.
  • Make a positive impression on applicants and sell them on the job and the organization.

This course can be delivered as a group training event or as an individual, one-one-one session.

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